What did I do?

They say true friends will never betray your love, trust and loyalty.
But what would you do if you found out your friends did betray your love, your trust and loyalty?

Lost Soul, empty waste.
Betrayals. Unspoken words.
Averted eyes. Secrets.
Where are your secrets?
Where are mine?
Why bother, why try to save, something
so obviously damaged.
We are damaged, and it's your fault.
No longer a puzzle, now broken glass.
Jagged edges cannot fit together.
Worn away to nothing, useless.
Eyes closed to you. Deaf to your excuses.
I am not your friend.
Pick up the pieces and leave.


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Sov sött :D

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Good times

Lite random bilder från olika tillfällen :) / Just some random pictures from different days

Me and sis in sweden ♥
Me a la 1920's, or something.
Concert at HMV forum in Kentish Town
Asking Alexandria at HMV forum in Kentish Town ♥

At the Elephants Head in Camden, our special place ♥
A crazy night out :D 

Allt för mig!

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IMATS 2012

International Make-up Artist Trade Show

I went to IMATS on sunday the 5th, could'nt make it til saturday since I was working.
I had an awesome time walking around beeing soo inspired and buying awesome stuff :)

Mitt IMATS smink / My IMATS makeup

Using the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Acid Palette
Inspired by my favourite makeup guru LEESHA/xSparkage
Tutorial HERE


Älskar verkligen hur dom byggt upp hakan, tänderna & ögonbrynsbenen här / I adore how they managed to build up the chin, the teeth and the browbones here

Samma här + linserna, AWESOME! / Same with this one + the lenses, AWESOME!

I fell in love a lil bit, sorry Lance ♥
Min storshopping / My huge spending:

From the left:
* A black brush case from Royal & Langnickel
* 3 random pairs of false eyelashes (cant remember where I bought them)
* 5 different brushes: 2 eyeshadow brushes & 1 powder brush from Crown Brush & 2 eyeshadow brushes from Royal & Langnickel
* 2 Make-up magazines
* 3 NYX Jumbo eye pencils in Milk, Black Bean & Rocky Mountain Green
* 1 NYX lip pencil in a nude colour
* 1 nail polish also from NYX in a matte deep blue colour
* 4 eyeliners from Kryolan, one in nude, one in black, one in purple and one in a forest green colour
* 2 pressed eyeshadows from INGLOT, one beige and one darker brown
* A black eyeshadow pigment with white dazzles from INGLOT
* A barbie pink nail polish from Illamasqua
* A dark purple lipstick from Illamasqua
* A neon green pressed eyeshadow from Illamasqua
* 3 lip tars from OCC, one darker pinkish red, one red and one orange colour
*  4 eyeglitters + "glue" from LAsplash cosmetics
* 2 eyeshadow palettes from Sleek MakeUP, the "Storm" and "Bad Girl" one
* A glitter eyeliner from Sleek MakeUP (LOVE IT!)
* Another pout polish from Sleek MakeUP in powder pink
* A lipstick also from Sleek MakeUP in a coral/orange colour
* A blush in a peachy colour from Sleek MakeUP
* 2 pairs of false eyelashes from Sleek MakeUP as well
* My favourite clear false DUO eyelash adhesive

IMATS was without a doubt about it one of the most inspiring days in my life, and I was so happy cause so many people came up to me telling me how cool my makeup was, one girl even took a picture, haha :)
The view from Alexandras Palace was stunning, you could see sooooo far!

Body-paint, she's totally naked and absolutely gorgeous!

That was my IMATS, looking forward to next time :D
If anyone wanna know the exact names on the products that I bought, just post a comment :)

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Hejje! :)

Sitter här i sängen min i mitt & Josse's rum på St Georges Way & tänker på Sverige. 
Idag saknar jag faktiskt Sverige väldigt mycket, jag saknar alla mina underbara vänner (& såklart dig Vickan på andra sidan av jordklotet) & min underbara familj, är väldigt ofta ganska rädd att ni ska glömma bort mig & försvinna. Jag behöver er alla i mitt liv, så glöm inte bort mig. Saknar er alla så sjukt mycket & tänker på er varje dag, ni är mitt liv. 
Jag saknar Göteborg, jag saknar Sticky Fingers & jag saknar till och med stinkande Rockbaren. Jag saknar att kunna sitta på ett random fik i tusentals med timmar & dricka litervis med kaffe & bara tjöta (finns typ inga "fik" här, bara Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Pret A Manger osv, inte riktigt samma grej, nej.).
Jag tänker på hur mycket jag kommer sakna den svenska sommaren, havet, åka ut med båten. Måste definitivt försöka klämma in en Sverige semester nån gång i sommar, annars kommer jag avlida, MÅSTE BADA :) 
Tänker på Uddevalla, vilket jag tro det eller ej saknar ibland. 

Men det är klart att saknaden hör till när man flyttar till ett främmande land med annan kultur. Har hittills upplevt & upplever så mycket nytt & roligt här. Möjligheterna här är så mycket större än i Sverige vilket har fått mig väldigt inspirerad till att faktiskt ta tag i min Make-up karriär snart, på riktigt. Hoppas jag. 

Ja, lite tankar sådär från mig på kvällskvisten.

Måste lägga upp ett inlägg om IMATS snart med!

Pöss på er ♥



Sitting here in my bed in mine & Josefine’s room at St Georges Way & thinking about Sweden.
Today I’m actually miss Sweden a lot, I miss all my wonderful friends (& ofc you Viktoria at the other side of the globe) & my lovely family. To be honest I’m scared pretty often that you all are gonna forget about me and disappear. I need you all in my life, so please don’t forget about me. Miss you all so so much & I’m thinking about you every day that is passing by, you are my life.
I miss Gothenburg, I miss one of my favorite bars Sticky Fingers and I even miss one of the dodgiest places ever, Rockbaren.
I miss just sitting at a café having a “fika” for thousands of hours, drinking so much coffee it gets me full & just talk and talk. (It doesn’t exist that many café’s/”fika” places here as in Sweden, it’s mostly just Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Pret A Manger and so on, not really the same thing, no.)
I’m thinking about how much I’m gonna miss the Swedish summer that in some way has something really special about it even though it usually rains 95% of the time. I’m gonna miss the ocean, my familys boat. I definitely need to go to Sweden this summer for a holiday, if not I’ll probably die, I NEED TO SWIM AROUND.
Thinking about my hometown Uddevalla, believe it or not, I really miss sometimes.

But ofc, the missing part belongs to moving somewhere new, someplace with a new culture and different but same people. During my time here and right now I’m experiencing so many fun and new stuff all the time. The opportunities here is so much bigger than in Sweden which has gotten me very inspired to seriously do something about my Make-up career very soon, for real. Hopefully.

Yea, just some of my thoughts this Sunday evening.

Need to post my things from IMATS as well!


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Will they come true

The question is; when are you gonna stop beeing so scared and just live your dreams?

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