Easy wound

Since it's (finally) the WORLD ZOMBIE DAY tomorrow and Halloween is coming up
I've been practising  making a fake wound today on my hand. Im not at all an expert at this and it was a bit hard to make the tissue and the liquid latex blend in to the skin  considering I only have one foundation and in the wrong colour :P

But here's the result :)

The products I've used for this is:

And then I also used:

* Eyeshadows - dark red, dark brown & dark green
* Tissues
* Two eyeshadow brushes and a lip brush I dont care that much about
* A tweezer
How to do it:

* Start off with a clean hand.
* Separate a tissue so it's really thin.
* Smear out the liquid latex where you want the wound to be, then put the tissue over it, let dry a bit.
* Start to create a texture by pulling up small pieces of the paper from your hand (or wherever you've choosen to put the wound). 
* Put some more latex on and continue with theese two steps until you're satisfied with the shape.
* Cover up the entire "wound to be" with a foundation close to your skin colour.
* Fill in the empty wholes with a dark red and a dark brown eyeshadow. You can also dust some eyeshadow where you pulled up the tissue to create more "dept" to the wound.
* Take your thick blood and start fill in all the wholes with a small lip brush. Make the layer thicker at some parts to make it look more greasy and dried out.
* Take your eyeshadows and start brusing up the wound. Put the most of the eyeshadows on the edges of the wound to make it blend in more with your normal skin. Also put some in the middle and a little bit everywhere really, just do whatever you like here to make it as realistic as possible :)
* Drip some of the liquid blood all over the wound and leave it like it is, or you can smeare it out, up to you :)
And you're DONE!
Hope you enjoyed, leave a comment if you would like any other simple tutorials related to Halloween :)

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