29/11 2011 ♥

A whole year spent with you by my side, the love of my life.
Before I met you I could never imagine that someone like you actually existed, it wasn't real for me, this was not happening to me.
Love wasn't real for me, it didn't exist.

You've showed me what love actually is all about; it is to always care, never judge and always be there for each other. I've heard thoose things so many times but they've always proved me wrong. "If we don't love the flaws, we don't deserve the goods" right?

You make me laugh & you make my heart smile when Im with you.

I love you Lance Curran, today tomorrow and for always! ♥

"Love is when somebody gives you a shoulder to cry on.

Love is when somebody makes you laugh when you're sad.

Love is when you miss somebody whenever they are gone.

Love is when whenever you see that person you feel glad.

Loving somebody is choosing not to see their flaws.

A human being will never be perfect.

Everything that person does you will give a loud applause.

Cause in your eyes everything that person does is correct.

You want them to smile.

You would work extra just to be with that person.

Even if it would be just for a while.

Love is unconditional, that's the truth."

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