Finns det nått goare än en MP3 full med massa "ny" musik? :D Har precis suttit & fyllt på min med en massa bra, kände att det var på tiden eftersom jag haft samma musik på den i typ 2 år?!!

I min MP3 just nu:

♦ 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War & A Beautiful Lie
♦ Amanda Fondell - All This Way
Asking Alexandria - Reckless and Relentless & Stand Up And Scream
Attack Attack! - Attack Attack! & Someday Came Suddenly
Bring Me The Horizon - There Is A Hell osv & Suicide Season
Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs
Hopes Die Last - Six Years Home
In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading, Soundtrack to Your Escape, A Sense Of Purpose & Come Clarity
Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Paramore - Brand New Eyes
Skrillex - Blandat
The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below
The Unguided - Hellfrost
The Used - Lies For The Liars, In Love And Death, The Used & Artwork
Yiruma - First Love


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