Bye south east London, hi west London!

Hi there peeps! :)
Too tired to write a long text about my latest 2 weeks, superbad update I know... BUT this weekend me and the love of my life is moving in togheter in a supercosy flat in Brook Green by Sheperd's Bush. CAN'T WAIT, it's gonna be awesome!
(For some wierd reason the kitchen pic turned out like a pygmé picture... )
But yea, thats our flat! :) minus the large bed under the attic bed, its a little desk there now.

K o m m e n t e r a
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Postat av: Katrin

Looks like the perfect flat for you guys! Sooooo happy for you!! :):):)

2012-04-26 @ 00:55:04
Postat av: Lenaspena

Herregudars! Så jävla fint Nattis :D Grattis!

2012-04-26 @ 07:35:19
Postat av: Lina Roger

Ååååh va mysigt det ser ut :D. Hoppas du lever livet och att allt är hur bra som helst :) <3

2012-05-10 @ 10:48:49

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